More Pies! More Ale! More Droids!

Over the weekend you lucky game playing types may have noticed that Revenge of the Titans got a bit of a bump up to version 1.80.12. A seemingly minor version number update – but no! This one contains the secret new buildings! Pretty much that’s all we did for this release – maybe fixed a few really minor things but I can’t remember what they were.

As usual the procedure for updating the game is simply download the latest version from where you originally got it, reinstall, and you’re done. Steam will update the game automatically, but we’re still waiting for them to make it live I think.

New building info…


The Scarecrow is a cheap building at just $250. Its special property is that the gidrahs are terrified of it and will go to great pains to avoid walking near it. You can use them to herd aliens towards your guns. The way it’s implemented internally is as a turret with no weapon that sets all the tiles within a few squares radius to maximum danger.

Cloaking Device

Gidrahs can’t decide to attack things that they can’t see. The Cloaking Device turns any buildings nearby completely invisible to the enemies. This won’t stop them trampling all over them if they get in the way – but it will stop them actually actively targeting those buildings. I envisage this being useful to hide remote refining outposts from the sorts of aliens that like to destroy them. Unfortunately, the Base is too big to cloak. Ah well, can’t have everything eh?

Tank Factory

What you need is bigger droids with bigger guns, and that’s exactly what this new factory produces, in the same manner as the Droid Factory. Tanks are armed with mini-blast cannons, and are specifically programmed to target actual gidrahs and bosses (as opposed to droids, which prioritise those annoying little gidlets). And we have a little surprise for you in store if you get Advanced Battledroids research when using the Tank Factory…

Drone Factory

In particularly long and protracted battles it can be expedient to repair your buildings now and again, not least because if they’re destroyed you’ll have to build them again, but also you’ll get a load more recycling cash for undamaged stuff at the end of the level. If you like repairing things, the Drone Factory is for you! Each little robot drone scurries off to find damaged buildings and sets about repairing them with a nano-repair welding beam. They’re otherwise completely defenseless though. You might find Drones particularly useful in Survival games.

There you go then.

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  1. This is great news, can’t wait to try out all those new buildings, especially the drone factory will come in handy.
    Thanks a lot!.

    Btw: any idea when steam-achievements will be implemented?

  2. This update looks sweet! Can’t wait for it to be released on Steam – keep of the good work, you’re amazing guys! Now get to work on the next game so we can throw our money at you when it’s released!

  3. If I didn’t follow your blog I wouldn’t have known. I hope that there will be a way to announce to humble bundle users. But thanks a bunch for the update, downloading it now!

    1. The game title screen also pops up a message when we release a new version. But other than that – yeah, following our blog is probably a good move anyway 😉

  4. Hi puppygames,

    Two questions for you guys/gals:

    1. Any idea when the humble indie bundle-bought Revenge of The Titans will be activate-able on Steam?

    2. How do I carry over my saved games from the previous version? I’m on a Mac OS X 10.6.7.

    Loving the game and keep up the great work!


  5. Any word on when the Mac version will be on Steam? If not, is there at least any word as to why it’s taking so long? I hate to whine, and I know it’s not your fault, but it gets more and more confusing as time goes on…

  6. Valve’s number one priority, as we all know, is fully supporting the Mac platform and erasing the “haha games on a Mac lawwwwwl” stereotype. They take us Mac users SERIOUSLY.

  7. These look great. They also sound really useful. But: explain to me what I need the cloaking device for when I have the Scarecrow? I didn’t actually try the buildings yet, but naively I assume that I can just put a cheap Scarecrow or two next to my refineries to protect them from attacks.

    Actually I think the cloaking device might be more useful as an alternative to the super expensive lure (forgot what it’s called). Just put a big bunch of towers down with a cloaking device in the middle, and the Titans wont know to avoid them.

    1. The scarecrow just discourages gidrahs from pathing through them – but they won’t stop aliens with nowhere better to go. And if a scarecrow itself becomes a target then it’s useless. A cloaking device, on the other hand, makes buildings invisible so they cannot become targets in the first place.

      Unfortunately the Titans do still know something’s up when you put big guns down – they’ve got Spidey sense! – and will take pains to avoid the area even if you cloak the turrets.

    2. The cloaking behaviour seems quite inconsistent from your description, which would be bad. Still haven’t tried it in game though.

      1. It consistently protects buildings from being targets from attack. It consistently does not eliminate the ‘danger sense’ that leads some guns to be avoided entirely, with or without cloaks.

  8. Hey Cas. Are you still considering a Sandbox Mode. I would pay extra for it as DLC. Since developing a new game will take awhile, this could offer some additional funds. Also, if super meat boy is any indicator, merchandise would really sell well. I’ve been watching their page for some time and they sell every plush they make and sell them for ~$30 a piece.

  9. So, how do Bundlers update? Do I have to reinstall?


    1. just download the new version from your HIB key link that you get in your email. if you dont have that email anymore just asked for a resend of your key via their resender.

  10. Been so long since ive checked the blog, glad the game is finaly completely DONE 😀

    well I hope for more updates, rott 2, rott pvp and other shit but whatever

    time for me to learn java and eat up your sourcecode 😀

    I also think that I might go for a live stream playthrough for the game, maby in summer when my voice goes down a little more ;D

  11. Hi Puppies 🙂

    first of all thank you for a great game. Secondly thank you for the exciting update.

    But: Does anybody know why f.e. “Loricatus Immundus” attack my Scarecrows? It was build before the level attack started and was immediately bit and burned by the little monsters :-/ Other Scarecrows in the level were avoided by them and had the expected effect. Any hints? …

    Me 🙂

    1. Because you just found a little bug 🙂

      Or maybe not. Scarecrows may be scary but they are legitimate targets for aliens, though Loricatus shouldn’t specifically want to attack them. It may just be one of those flukes in the pathing algorithm.

  12. Nice new buildings.
    But somehow the new version seems to suffer from extreme
    slow downs on my Core Duo 1.8 GHz, Windows 7 32bit system.


    1. We haven’t done anything in this version other than add the new buildings. If it’s suddenly running slowly, I’d suspect something else has changed. Is there any pattern to the slowdowns?

      1. The slowdowns seem to occur mostly, when many buildings or Titans are on the screen.
        Processor load in the Taskmanager ist well below 100%.
        I will deinstall the game completely this evening and then reinstall it. Perhaps
        this will solve the problem.


        1. Are you using the “scale” commandline because that can lead to performance issues and you need a fairly beefy rig to keep up.

          1. @ LordKane:
            I’m running the game from the normal desktop shortcut.

            So, I’ve uninstalled version 1.80.12 and installed version 1.80.11.
            With the old version everything runs ok. Then I’ve uninstalled
            the 1.80.11 and installed the new version and the slow downs are back.
            So far they occur in all game modes. When I’m looking at an
            area on the gamefield where only titans are moving the games seems
            so run normal, but when I’m moving the field of view to my base
            the game really slows down, even the cursor is affected.

            Regards U.

            Regards U.

  13. Wow. It’s been awhile since I’ve played. Really like all the changes and new additions to the game. I’m suck level 40. For some reason the game speeds up really really fast before the clock runs out on this level. On one of my retries the flying guys stop showing up halfway through, which was fine. And blast cannons aren’t targeting the boss unless they’re in close proximity to the base. I find myself in a pickle having not researched lasers, and I’m not finding a work around weapon.

    btw using 5 tank factories in one load is a beautiful thing.

  14. How can the Humble bundle buyers get the update now the old bundle links have being taken down?

  15. It hasn’t being working since the new Bundle was launched. And with the email saying the links would stay until “the foreseeable future” I thought it must have expired. Thanks for the confirmation and I’ll get in touch with those guys.

    1. just request your key on the “lost key?” link way the bottom you get the keys for all the HIB’s you have bought.

      1. They must have had problems with the site. I didn’t get a reply e-mail but now everything is showing up. Sorry bout that, I really thought, and it did seem reasonable, that they had stopped hosting these now.

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