Attention, Graduate iOS Programmers!

Puppy Games is looking for a new MINION to join our tiny boutique studio. Briefly the perks comprise of:

  1. Working from home.
  2. Working your own hours.
  3. Writing games for iOS.
  4. Working for an award winning, renowned studio.
  5. Generous holidays.
  6. Being surrounded by beautiful women.

Only one of those statements is possibly untrue.

The conditions, disadvantanges and small print of your employment are thus:

  1. Miserly pay. We don’t have lots of cash but we’ve got enough to pay you a frugal living.
  2. You’ve got to be a UK taxpayer. Where you actually are we don’t care.
  3. Your first job will be to port all our games to iOS, which is not as exciting as it sounds.
  4. Only later will you get to do interesting stuff.

To this end we seek solicitations from UNIVERSITY GRADUATES with a PORTFOLIO OF GAMES PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE on iOS who is able to attend an interview in Taunton within the next 3 months. You might not necessarily be a graduate, but then you’ll have a really great portfolio consisting of at least one FINISHED GAME. It would be extraordinarily beneficial if you are proficient in Java, OpenGL, and maybe C++ or C as well.

Please email your CV, either a URL, .doc, or .pdf, to with the subject “MINION”. Please include hyperlinks to any stuff we can check out online such as demos or video, and also include a covering letter saying what your salary expections might be so we can have a good chortle.

I’m afraid we CAN’T AFFORD AGENCY FEES so if you’re a pimp, I’m afraid you won’t get lucky this time around.

If after all the UNUSUAL JOB ADVERT HONESTY you still aren’t put off then this might be the job for you!

21 thoughts on 'Attention, Graduate iOS Programmers!'

  1. I’m not in the position to this apply for this job (ain’t got the required skills) but I seriously hope you find someone who’d be able to work for you guys!

    You deserve the best.

  2. Aww, if I were only a UK taxpayer… and not stupidly busy with a project I am working on for another team! Love you guys, and would love to be able to port your games to iOS! :'(

    1. Yeah, reknowned 🙂 That’ll teach me for cutting and pasting the same text into 3 different places before checking it. Sigh.

  3. Would you consider using Unity3d to port the game or will it have to be native obj-C?
    There are a couple advantages to using Unity not least the ability to publish to multiple platforms with one button.

        1. Yeah i’m kinda with Cas on this one… as cushy as those new iOS development packages look i just prefer the idea of programming more directly for the device, when the platform is so resource poor you want to squeeze every bit of performance out… and C++ is all i hear when taking this into consideration… wish i knew it 😛

  4. Why does it matter if the person is a UK tax payer?

    Shouldn’t it be just as easy to hire any random EU citizen (or at least citizens of most EU states)?

  5. If the pay his bad, but the programmer is good, he would be in position to negociate some bonus based on the iOS sales.
    But this would have to be discussed and decided before signing the contract, to avoid any frustration…

  6. Hey I really like your games but I have to say that I think you still have many things to do about ROTT. The levels are still too freaking difficult I tried many times but still can’t beat the campaign. Also you released the source code but you promised to make a tutorial on how to make mods for it but I suppose you’ve forget about that.

    I really think ROTT is very cool but it still have many works to do maybe 🙂

  7. Yah!

    This means ROTT is coming to an iPad near me soon, sweet!

    Good luck finding the minion.

      1. I don’t have experience in Games development for iOS but I have worked with iOS for a year(using objective c) and I have experience in OpenGL and Android OpenGL programming. I am proficient in C++,advanced in objective C and ansi C, played with Java, Python. Would I qualify?

        Also, what’s the span of the project? porting all 4 games?

        1. Nah we’ve got everything under control that we want to control now. We’re not porting all the games as they’re a poor fit for phone gaming anyway. Well, all except Titan Attacks, which is just about right.

          1. I wasn’t applying yet 🙂 I was just wondering if, theoretically, you would have been interested with the current skills I have.

            The iPad would be a good choice for games like ROTT, which BTW it’s really awesome even though I don’t really play tower defence games. And I am sure that with some zooming added you could make it work on smaller devices as well, especially if you reduce the difficulty a bit, or let the player choose.

  8. Hi Cas,

    Just noticed this post. Interesting stuff – have thought many times that your games could find a big audience on the phones. I agree that Titan Attacks is the most obvious match for that mobile platform. Any timeline for seeing it? What is your strategy for porting to iOS if you don’t mind me asking? Rewrite the whole game from scratch? Manual translation to Objective C? Some automated translation? My team has a few Android titles out and we have been scratching our head about how to get them to iPhone. There doesn’t seem to be any perfect way to do it. Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    Look forward to playing Titan Attacks on my phone!


    1. No actual timeline as such, just ASAP I suppose. No idea what to do exactly about iOS yet – got someone looking at it is all I can say. Looking at a MonoTouch port, but it might be shit. Failing that Excelsior are beginning to make noises about an ARM port of JET, finally!

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