Wallpaper of the Titans!

We will be releasing a pre-release demo of Revenge of the Titans very soon, honest…

In the meantime here’s a nice big pic (1280×800), ideal for putting up as wallpaper or desktop background or whatever you want to call it. If anyone wants particular sizes for desktops just comment away and your wish will be my command. As long as you say the magic word. And as long as it doesn’t involve me doing much work.

Click on the pic below for the full size image…

and here’s more – the monster 2560×1024!

… and widescreen wallpapers at 1680 x 1050, and 1920 x 1200 …

… and mini 480 x 320 wallpaper for iPhone …

14 thoughts on 'Wallpaper of the Titans!'

  1. It is not humanly possible to wait any longer for a Titan’s Revenge demo after seeing those glorious trailers.

    …and now you just taunt us with wallpapers.

    I hope you are proud of yourself.

  2. the game is absolutely great, my dad is friends with you and he sent me the demo, im just wunderin, have you coded the rest of the game after level 20? after i beat the boss, no more enemies appear, and i cant get to level 21

    the game is absolutely brilliant and everyone who is waitin for the game to come out, ur gunna be in 4 a treat

  3. how’s that Albert – work ok on iPhone?

    Portrait doesn’t work well with that image, but I’ll keep it in mind and if I come across some image that’ll work well I’ll sort something out.

  4. Now this is a wallpaper I like ^_^ congrats on getting this far with the new game, ordered the beta and downloading as I type this – cannot wait!!! love your games.

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