Survival Mode!

At last, after a couple of delays involving house moves, panicking TV stations, and the unexpectedly early completion of a new game mode, we are proud to announce Revenge of the Titans v1.61! Without further ado, here are direct download links for our blog followers (the proles get the simplecdn cached stuff with varying degrees of success).

Mac OS

Here’s what’s in the latest version:

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Garbage collector crash – don’t use G1 on Java 6!
  • Fixed: selling buildings just before level end to get double money!
  • Fixed: shield generators keep getting more expensive every level
  • Fixed: Missing research link in tree: heavy blaster -> blast cannon
  • Fixed: Superfluous link between heavy blaster -> assault cannon
  • Fixed: Slot selection screen only showed Basingstoke – Earth – $0
  • Fixed: when a building is shielded, after the Invuln powerup finishes the shield sprites are gone
  • Fixed: removing droid factories, shield generators and silos didn’t reset their price

New Features and Enhancements

  • Survival mode!
  • New map generator code: better wiggly tunnels from spawnpoints to map
  • Stop gids from spawning when freeze mode on
  • New hint: don’t overspend on research
  • New hint: boss level -> save your cash!
  • Removed the turret aiming lag – didn’t like it


  • Increase initial gidrah delay based on level size
  • Increase range of disruptor slightly to 110px from 96px
  • Decreased damage of disruptor from 25 to 16
  • Nerfed multiblaster from 4 to 3 points damage
  • Nerfed spreader cannon from 4 to 3 points damage
  • Nerfed assault cannon from 8 to 7 points damage
  • Powerup drops last a bit longer before vanishing
  • Even more crystals
  • Mars gidrahs nerfed somewhat
  • Droid factory: now each droid factory can produce at most 8 droids
  • Droid factory: production rate slowed down by 50%
  • Droid factory: …but factories now only cost $1000+$1000 per factory


  • Queue gidrah route recalculations on building so they don’t all happen at once
  • Increased memory allocation for the VM to 256mb
  • Reduced max GC pause to 3ms (Windows only)

Survival Mode

Lucky registered users have a new mode to play. It is unlocked after completing the Earth missions. When you select a survival mode game, you get to choose the world (from the set of worlds you’ve seen so far with that profile), and just for fun, you can choose the rockiness of the terrain. The buildings you have available to you are the buildings you have researched so far in campaign mode.

You are expected to lose. Probably quite fast. The aliens will rapidly become overwhelmingly deadly. The idea is to get a base together as fast as you can and defend it as long as you can. Notice that you don’t earn money for killing gidrahs! The only way to get cash is mining crystals, which spawn every now and again, or pickups.

Your best time for a particular world/terrain combination are also recorded. Let’s hear some hiscores!

All Good Things Must Come To An End…

…or become a bit more expensive, anyway! But only as expensive as to be able to afford a helping of mushy peas with one’s pie and ale. The Ultrabundle is now just a tiny weeny bit more than it was, assuming you think that $2 is tiny weeny like us. It’s still ultracheap if you’ve not picked it up already, and it will get more expensive again while we experiment with prices in the not very distant future. So don’t delay! Hand over your filthy cash today!

Don’t forget the bundle lets you install all 3 of our minigames an any combination of operating systems, as often as you need to!

30 thoughts on 'Survival Mode!'

  1. FUN! FUN! FUN!

    I do like Survival mode!

    Balance ‘feels’ better in the main play too!

    Thank-you Gents, GREAT game you have here!


        1. I searched and couldn’t find any files those names. Should they be in Revenge of the Titans folder? A system directory?

            1. I had the same problem. I found the err.log and out.log files in my documents and settings file under my name and then the folder that’s labeled revenge of the titans 1.61.
              Hope that helps.

  2. It keeps crashing (mac osx). This started happening on the previous version. Never had any problems until I completed all the levels on campaign mode. Recently I tried playing again and it immediately quit when selecting campaign. I just downloaded the latest version to see if this would fit the problem, it didn’t – it still quit. I then tried selecting endless mode, and was able to play a couple of levels before it quit yet again. I’m at a loss! I’m really looking forward to playing this recent version!

  3. Major bug:

    Whenever you restart a map, mobs and stones and tuff remain from the last map, but fixed, floating above everything else even when you scroll around the map, making it a bit difficult to play.

    Other feedback:

    Where the voices of the commander in before? Very cool detail either way!

  4. After installing new version cound not select already played levels. Now first misson is started automatically.

    1. Aye that’s quite probably the case – it’s unlikely 1.61 is compatible with any previous versions. Besides, the balance has changed significantly again. If you play through to where you were chances are you’d have a lot more cash and a few more things researched…

      1. >Aye thatโ€™s quite probably the case โ€“ itโ€™s unlikely 1.61 is compatible with any previous versions.

        Even with v1.6?

        I think that game still is very hardcore. Do you have any plans for difficulty settings? Some automation available at the beginning of the game could give more fun for casual gamers =)

        p.s. Also it will be more usable if would have any account functionality, I already bought both ultrabundle & RotT but still getting notifications %)
        p.p.s. Sorry for mistakes, my native language is not English.

        1. Hm, still no plans for difficulty settings. It should just be fun – no matter how you play it or how hard you like it. Interesting idea about automatiion eary on but then there is always the choice to research it sooner rather than later. The manual management of the early game is part of the fun! I like the way the game evolves as you research things.

          We will one day sort out some sort of clever account thingy and so on (as our next game is going to be multiplayer) but not for a bit! Too much work to do.

  5. Ok, I just uploaded new versions which fix the restart-level bug where the sprites get left lying around on the screen. Whoops!

  6. I have a question about survival mode, sorry if it has been asked already.

    When we beat the campaign, and we don’t have everything researched will it all automatically become researched in the survival mode or will we just not be able to play with everything?

    1. That’s right – you need to be relatively cunning to research everything inside 50 levels. It should be reasonably doable though. In fact I’m trying to tune it such that you’ve researched everything by level 40-45 or so, so you’ve got all the kit you need to survive Titan.

        1. They will be in the 1.62 release out tonight! (To get this working from an existing 1.61 campaign you’ll need to complete the last level again, which writes out the new data into user prefs)

  7. I think I’ve found a survival bug; when a refinery runs out of crystals it shuts down. However, if a new crystal forms where it could harvest it the refinery doesn’t, and you have to delete it and build another.

  8. This was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling purchases I have ever made, keep it up guys! Oh, and, 29:34 on Mars-Low Rubble Survival. Beat that! ๐Ÿ˜›

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