24 Boxes!


Where would we be without the humble box? If you need to keep a lot of smaller things together in one place, whether for organisational purposes or perhaps for ease of transportation, you cant go far wrong with a box.

Boxes. It’s hard to imagine a world without them.



All Aboard the 21 to Basingstoke

Trains. Trains are very British.

Not only did we invent trains and the tube/underground/metro, but we were of course the first to use cyborg trains (a standard train, but with a human face and brains and stuff, to replace the driver).

To this day the British Railway is the best in the world!



Postcard No.10 – Cats (1 of 3)

To celebrate the amazing feat of 10 posts in a row (and not just cos it’s a bit late) – the first in an amazing new feature!

Cats! Pictures of cats. This is the first in a series of three (there are three cats).


Last week, Tuesday was quiz night. Not tonight! Instead you get some pictures of cats.

The answers to last weeks quiz though were:

  • Sausages
  • Cheese
  • Pastry/Bread
  • Meat (not sausages)
  • Fruit (optional)

The trick item of course was the lager. Lager is not a food. Although cider is, and so is wine.





In your face Cliffski!

P from the B 006 Internet says no

The internet has melted due to it being a bit warm in the UK it seems, meaning I can’t upload anything today.

So insted of a picture of hammers and stuff wot I was going to do, here’s an old one, which I like to call ‘Police Chief’.

field command

Answers to yesterday’s quiz next Tuesday btw 🙂