Titan Attacks on Google Play

Titan Attacks for Android

Yes, that’s right, Titan Attacks is now available on Google Play. Only 10 years too late 🙂 Still, better late than never.

You have no excuse not to install it, because it’s free! Unless you’ve got one of those strangefangled Apple devices, in which case you’ll have to wait a few more days.

Of course, when I say “free”, I mean it is infested with Google’s ubiquitous advertising. Having your eyeballs assaulted by tiny adverts is a small price to play for such a neat little game that works so well on phones (and tablets), but if it upsets you at all, the well-heeled amongst you can donate a few dollars in our direction and make those nasty adverts go away forever.

I will let you know how it does in due course.

Many thanks to Jake Birkett of GreyAlienGames and Brian Kramer of Subsoap for making it all happen.


32 Sewer Workers

Let’s all take another little moment to further reflect on the sterling work what is done by Sewer Workers!

Still at the job, inspecting their sewage pumps, even when undead.


29 Sewer Treatment Facility Blueprint

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the workings of a Sewer Treatment facility. As something of an expert, I’ve labelled the below diagram to help you understand how they work.

  • A. Big load of sewer.
  • B. Primary clarifier tank. This makes the sewer stuff a bit cleaner, probably.
  • C. Some pool between the primary and seconday clarifier tanks. Not sure what this does exactly, but it is very important.
  • D. Secondary clarifier tank. Getting cleaner!
  • E. All clean now! Another pool, after the seconday clarifer tank. It’s got big pipes going into it. Maybe the nice clean clarified sewage gets pumped out or something.

That’s the main bits.


  1. Platformy bit. You can stand on this and look at sewerage, if you like.
  2. Scum spinner. Spins scum.
  3. Big pipes. See 28 Sewer Worker 2, feat. Big Pipes
  4. Walkways. Handy for walking. You really don’t want to be swimming in this stuff.
  5. Drippy Big Pipes. Make a nice ploppy drip noise.
  6. Some Big Pipes go into walls. Probably take some sewer stuff somewhere else, or something.

And that’s how Sewer Treatment works.

Sewer Treatment!

28 Sewer Worker 2, feat. Big Pipes

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK. Today though we’re back underground with our old friend the Sewer Worker, but this time with some Big Pipes! Big Pipes, with rivets and everything.

Big Pipes. What’s in them? What are they for? Why are they so big?


Big Pipes!

26 Shelves!


Where would we be without the humble shelf? If you need to keep a lot of smaller things together in one place, whether for organisational purposes or perhaps just to display a collection of personal trinkets, you cant go far wrong with a shelf, or some shelves.

Shelves. It’s hard to imagine a world without them.