Droid Assault a winner in Game Tunnel 2008 awards

2008 Action Game of the Year

Droid Assault recently picked up 4th place in Game Tunnel’s 2008 Action Game of the Year awards, making it our third in the Action Game category.

For those not familiar with the Game Tunnel Game of the Year Awards this is the 6th year they’ve been running, an always entertaining review of the very best Indie games in a range of categories – action, sport, sim, rpg, puzzle, adventure and strategy – always worth checking out for the odd gem you might have missed. Cheers Russell!

3 thoughts on 'Droid Assault a winner in Game Tunnel 2008 awards'

  1. Bought and played Droid Assault, loved it to pieces, though could never get past the places where the laser droids started showing up… still fun nevertheless.

    Here’s to Droid Assault 2!

    Personal Hopes:
    Droid Encyclopedia? A place to read ’bout the droids which you’ve discovered. They’re an entertaining read.
    Limited Communications? Knowing what they’re doing as they help would bring the atmosphere up another notch.

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