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Droid Assault now on Steam!

It’s here! Including all the recent pre-Xmas updates such as the new line-of-sight effect, wibbly wobbly shader effects, friendly droid targeting HUD display, and of course most importantly, pot plants, but now with added Steam gubbins – there’s 30+ achievements to er… achieve, and you can compete for hiscores with your Steam Friends!

… and it’s 20% off for the first week! Steam page here.

… and if you’ve already bought it, or if you want to buy direct from us we’ll give you a free Steam key!

Xmas Assault!

We proudly present…

Click here to download the latest version!

The latest update for Droid Assault not only includes

  • Fancy line-of-sight lighting
  • Wibbly wobbly shader effects
  • Friendly droid targeting HUD display
  • Improved level design
  • Various tweaks and fixes
  • Pot plants!

    but also features a completely new mission, just for Christmas, introducing…

  • A completely new giant level with 12 floors!
  • 12 festive droid types to kill or capture!
  • 5 flavours of deadly nano-bots to hunt down!
  • Seasonal weaponry, particle effects, and snow!
  • Christmas trees and presents!
  • Doors and lifts!
  • Fairy lights!

New Droid Assault trailer, introducing Allicorn

A new trailer for the new year, with a spanking new tune by Allicorn, who is also our new programmery person!

Previously Allicorn did half of the droid sound effects and music for Droid Assault – his first task as full-time new programmery person is to make the Sandbox Mode add-on content for Revenge of the Titans, and hopefully he’ll have that ready for Easter or thereabouts. Over to Cas…

Allicorn and I have played pen-and-paper RPGs together once a week for the last five years. He is frighteningly clever but humble and helpful. When he’s not doing RPG gaming with me and our mutual friends, or coding for Puppygames, he’s also one of the administrators of Yog-Sothoth. I’d like to think there was some overlap in our clientele already.

Droid Assault – tweaked!

And it is a proper tweaking. Firstly and without further ado, go and download it and while you’re waiting read about what we’ve changed.

Why we’ve tweaked it

Before I tell you the exact nitty gritty of what’s changed you might want to know why we went monkeying with the secret sauce with one of the greatest videogames ever made, eh? Well, it all stems from the fact that Droid Assault is going to wind up on Steam in the not-too-distant future, and your average Steam punter is perhaps a little more discerning (or shall we say, “scathingly critical”), en masse, than you delightful and forgiving Puppygames fans are.

Droid Assault suffered a few arbitrary and unnecessary limitations in various areas. Firstly it was designed around a rather crappy 320×320 display area (along with our other two minigames, Titan Attacks and Ultratron). The window was fixed, square shaped, and decidedly a bit weird. In this modern day and age it seemed a little incongruous.

Also, the game did rather suffer from being somewhat mindless. It started off reasonably sensible but by the time you got to, say, two thirds of the way through the game, it became an almost random frenzy of blaster fire; 90% of the droids were blown up, including often most of your own droids, in the first 10 seconds of the level, leading to a couple of minutes of relative tedium. Again, this probably wasn’t going to satisfy the relatively eclectic tastes of the Steam demographic, many of whom clearly prefer deeper, more involved games, as our runaway success Revenge of the Titans has shown us.

So, I wanted to make the game a little deeper and more tactical than it used to be, and the following raft of changes is chiefly aimed at getting depth and tactics into this game to replace the random destruction.

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Droid Assault a winner in Game Tunnel 2008 awards

2008 Action Game of the Year

Droid Assault recently picked up 4th place in Game Tunnel’s 2008 Action Game of the Year awards, making it our third in the Action Game category.

For those not familiar with the Game Tunnel Game of the Year Awards this is the 6th year they’ve been running, an always entertaining review of the very best Indie games in a range of categories – action, sport, sim, rpg, puzzle, adventure and strategy – always worth checking out for the odd gem you might have missed. Cheers Russell!