Titan Attacks! – get your Steam keys here

Ever wondered exactly what the Titans wanted revenge for? Not long ago, our esteemed friends from Titan attacked our peaceful planet, a battle which played out in our seminal shooter Titan Attacks – winner of Gametunnel.com’s Action Game of the Year!

Well obviously you must have soundly thrashed them. Why not relive history and show us how it was done – and in case you missed the news – now you can do it in recently updated crispy HD graphics!

Getting to the point 🙂 … Titan Attacks is now available on Steam for both Windows and Mac OS with over 40 new Steam achievements and online hiscore table!

… and to celebrate the launch, for one week only, it’s on special offer!

Alternatively, if you’d like to support us by buying direct, you can then activate a FREE Steam version, which means more pies and ale for us, and if you’ve already bought Titan Attacks no worries – we’ll give you a Steam key too.

48 thoughts on 'Titan Attacks! – get your Steam keys here'

  1. Awesome guys! I hope you get to launch the rest of your library cause they’re all great games! Can’t be the “I got 5 minutes to spare” games. You all should think about an Android game cause I think you could take on Angry Birds 😉

    1. My thoughts exactly ! I bought the 2 games available on steam.
      They just rock and are pure fun!!! I will wait for the 2 other products to bre available on steam!

  2. I just want to say thank you for this thing, having a steam key of a game that you’ve bought in the past it’s always a nice and not all the indie devs I know do this.
    Thanks! =)

  3. Awesome, thank you once again for being this generous! Out of professional curiosity, do Valve charge developers for handing out extra Steam keys to people who bought their games directly from the devs before?

    Oh, and are you aware that the achievements for completed planets do not work at the moment?

  4. Fantastic! I bought it straight away, and have been playing it all evening!

    It’s very annoying if you’re using a laptop though. The trackpad often can’t handle the input needed leading to you taking hits / losing, and unless you disable the trackpad manually you can’t use the arrow keys either, since the tank will just always ‘snap back’ to where the trackpad says the cursor is.

    Apart from that, top notch all around lads!

    1. I’ve uploaded a fix for this (Puppygames customers can just download the new version, but Steamers will have to wait until Valve release the patch)

      1. I’m so glad to hear that!

        Does it also fix the fullscreen game minimising and throwing you to the deskstop, just because your cursor was near the top of the screen when you clicked?

  5. I don’t seem to get any achievements, should have at least 4 or 5 by now. I’m on Mac if that matters.

    1. Still not getting any achievements? I get some, but not the ones for completing all Earth, Moon, etc. levels.

  6. Congrats for the Steam launch, and thanks for the key! It’s a nice gift to your long-time customers.

    I hope you guys can get the game on Desura as well for easy installs under linux, where I do play from time to time, and do the same thing with Desura keys.

  7. I’m loving v2.0 of Titan Attacks! It’s like meeting up with an old friend and finding she’s prettier than you remember. Sort of.

    Anyway, I do miss the speed upgrade. I use an xbox controller for that arcade feel, and it’s not as good without the ability to go faster. Ho-hum. I’ll start using the mouse, but it’s not the same.

    Anyway, congratulations, I hope you make tons of cash, and thanks for the Steam keys!

  8. I got to the moon but didn’t get the moon achievement. Also the cursor disappears on menu’s that need it… I need to alt tab back and forth to get it back.

  9. Buyed the game, but when go to get the steam key, says.
    “Sorry, but you do not appear to have purchased this game from Puppygames.”
    Is this a matter of time?, because ive recibed 2 emails on my account.

  10. Sorry, but you do not appear to have purchased this game from Puppygames. You might have bought it via the Humble Indie Bundle, in which case you can get a Steam key directly from there. Otherwise, Please email us at support@puppygames.net or you can contact us using this form

  11. Thanks for Birthday present and HAPPY B-DAY!. Unfortunately bunch of ^%@^&#* abused your generosity and many fair gamers didn’t get their games.

  12. “Due to technical difficulties, this page has been removed.

    Please check back soon. ”

    Oh God I’ve been for about 2 hours trying to “buy” the games but I keep getting that error.
    Does somebody else has the same problem? u.u

  13. Thanks for your generosity Puppy Games, I’ll be buying your future games and supporting just because you have been amazing with this promotion and the way the company has handled customer enquiries. Brilliant!

    I have a quick question, will there be more Steam keys available for Revenge of the Titans? As currently, there’s no more left.

    Also, will Droid Assault and Ultratron have plans to be available via Steam eventually? If so, will our save file carry over to the Steam version?

  14. I’ve been trying to get Titan Attacks all damn day. It tells me to check back soon, but I’ve been checking all damn day since like 4pm. What is going on?

  15. Happy bday to you and big THX for this great promotion!!!!

    Bought revenge of the Titans already during Steam Winter Holiday Sale and ♥ it.
    Hope you will get some more keys for TitanAttacks from Valve soon 🙂


  16. Aie aie aie. No steam key left for titan attack and impossible to play the game!!! It keeps staying in demo mode even if i tryed to register it several time! The worse is and that it even say in games that i have already register it but stay in demo on the next screen 🙁
    Hope there will soon be a steam key to solve the problem!

  17. Just came by to say thanks for your generosity!

    I picked up Ultratron in your giveaway yesterday, since I had Titan Attacks and Revenge of the Titans since earlier. Robotron 2084 was always one of my favorites in the arcades, and you’ve managed to capture a lot of the original, while adding your own flavor to it.

    Today, I came back to complete my Puppygames collection by purchasing Droid Assault. I remember playing Paradroid on the C64 back in the day, and I think you’ve done a great job on your version. Mind you, it must be 20 years, so I’ll admit memories are a bit hazy. 🙂

    If you take requests, I would love to see what you would be able to do with my all-time favorite from the arcades – Atari’s Tempest!

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