Droid Assault now on Steam!

It’s here! Including all the recent pre-Xmas updates such as the new line-of-sight effect, wibbly wobbly shader effects, friendly droid targeting HUD display, and of course most importantly, pot plants, but now with added Steam gubbins – there’s 30+ achievements to er… achieve, and you can compete for hiscores with your Steam Friends!

… and it’s 20% off for the first week! Steam page here.

… and if you’ve already bought it, or if you want to buy direct from us we’ll give you a free Steam key!

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    1. Steam Linux release will be at a random point some time in the first half of this year. It’s not as simple as it looks because we’ve got to build our Steam integration library. And also I need dedicated hardware to test it on (VirtualBox doesn’t work, bah), and I’ve got no space, or money.

  1. A bit unrelated and I’m sure someone askesd this allready, but will you follow the XDG specs in a future update? Thanks!

    1. Future games will might follow XDG specs but we’re leaving all these existing games as they are so as not to break anyone’s existing stuff.

  2. Iยดm just from germany so iยดm not entirely sure on the semantics, but shouldnยดt it be potted plants?
    Because i think pot plants are something different :p

    but Yeay for finally seeing this game on steam, GZ puppygames!

    1. Pot plants is the colloquial abbreviation of potted plants here in the UK ๐Ÿ™‚ It just also happens to sound like weed as well.

      We like that.

  3. When I logged onto steam and saw that, I got happy. Now I know what i’m gonna buy next when my paycheck clears. :3

  4. I subscribed to the email, but the webpage had no hex code. It just says:


    Thank you for subscribing to the Puppygames newsletter.

    We hardly ever send anything out to our newsletter subscribers, but when we do, it’s definitely going to be something you’re interested in!

    What is wrong?

  5. Another similar case to Nick above, I subscribed to newsletter to get my hex code, but it says
    “You have already confirmed your subscription.” and nothing else. What gives?

      1. ahh no luck for me then, I might have subscribed already when I bought ROT before… since the link already said I was subscribed first time I clicked. =(

  6. I had signed up to the newsletter previously. Upon doing it again when opening up Droid Assualt, I got the link, but there was no code on the page. Obviously, no way to return to that page now. Little bit annoying to be honest. Anyway to fix this? If this does get replied to, it would be highly preferred if you used my e-mail (I assume the devs can see it even if other people can’t) because I won’t be able to check this page a lot.

  7. Oh yea,, out of curiosity, if we bought it on steam, are we able to download the game from here as well, or just steam. I know I got Revenge of the Titans a while back from your b-day, I believe it was, but I got the other 2 on steam.Just wondering, in case something happens with my steam account, or if I get in a spot where I can’t get steam.

    Man reading that over makes me sound greedy ๐Ÿ˜ก

    1. Just Steam. Steam doesn’t share customer details, so, of course, we have no idea who you are. They are on the other hand wise and generous enough to allow us to give away free keys, which is why every Puppygames customer now gets free keys with their purchases.

      see http://www.puppygames.net/steam

      1. I figured it might be the case. No bother either way. Might just buy an extra copy of the two i only own on steam. Well worth the money. :3
        Also, is it possible to have the k99 at the beginning of every playthrough, or just that one time?

    2. Ok so my computer had a fit and steam restarted. No more K999.
      Will you give more hex codes out in the future for achievements, etc.?

      1. Also, the 3D Gfx aren’t working on my mac….is it because I’m using a mac? Java update? My graphics card?

        Also, I think this was mentioned before by someone else, but (could) the K999 can be one of many things that one could ‘reprogram’ via achievements or a bot-store/garage.

        P.S. are you thinking of adding anymore members/variants of existing robots (Different weapons/layouts) to the existing tiers? Or even adding more tiers?

        The guys over at IndieFAQs complied a list of the ‘bots ages ago

        Would be cool to see new ones join the party. Even some crazy ones once and a white. I noticed that the ED96 was equipped with a shotgun in the Xmas campaign. Will we see more of the nano-bots? ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Your Mac just doesn’t have drivers that support the effects. You need a posher Mac.

          The forthcoming RPG mode DLC has an Upgrade Station where you can park and spend transfer points on buffs.

          We’ll be adding a few bots with the DLC as well, mostly in the higher security clearances.

  8. All hyped up about Droid Assault on Linux. I’m using Ubuntu 12.10 on AMD64. Noticed there were some Java errors when trying the installer. How can I help with testing? Have you considered KickStarter for getting the extra resources?

    1. Let’s see the output.

      We’re steering well clear of Kickstarter except in case of emergency. There may be an emergency in about 8-9 months time when we run out of money though, so never say never.

      1. I was able to install Droid Assault successfully on i686 Ubuntu 12.10. I was running the OS as a KVM guest (slow) so I didn’t play test it. I will do the install again on a virgin i686 install and document the process. After that, I’m installing i686 Ubuntu 12.10 on a new partition to play test the demo this weekend. wheee!

          1. Did `sudo apt-get install ia32-libs` on Ubuntu 12.10 AMD 64. Installer worked. Game launched successfully. Kill droid frenzy: check!

            1. I just need to figure out a way of automatically installing them on any linux arch now. What I’d actually rather do is include all the necessary binary libraries (not all of them, just the ones it uses) I think.

  9. Man, I can’t wait till I get paid again. As soon as my chemo is over I am going to grab me that new Logitech mechanical keyboard and your Droid Assault games as birthday presents to myself.

  10. Will not launch anymore. Crashes over and over again! Reinstalled. My old versions still work but my steam one doesn’t launch!

  11. You guys & gals sure do make awesome games! Absolutely loving Droid Assault, so much so that I’ve started playing Revenge of the Titans again! Puppy games are the best games ever.

      1. I’m such a freakin’ perfectionist, I keep replaying the campaign levels over and over to squeeze every dollar out of every crystal. At this rate, I’ll be playing Sandbox mode in ~3 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Ben says:

    December 24, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Cas says:

    December 3, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Well, whaddya know, out of disk space due to a bug on the server. Now fixed!


    Could you try this again, as I keep getting an error again, I accidently logged out and canโ€™t log back in to test and work on my map โ€ฆ

  13. This happened before, but since the latest patch on Steam I have been able to login fine, I bet you any money if I accidently log out since this latest patch I would not be able to log back in.

    I am not going to try it though! ๐Ÿ™‚

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