Xmas Assault!

We proudly present…

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The latest update for Droid Assault not only includes

  • Fancy line-of-sight lighting
  • Wibbly wobbly shader effects
  • Friendly droid targeting HUD display
  • Improved level design
  • Various tweaks and fixes
  • Pot plants!

    but also features a completely new mission, just for Christmas, introducing…

  • A completely new giant level with 12 floors!
  • 12 festive droid types to kill or capture!
  • 5 flavours of deadly nano-bots to hunt down!
  • Seasonal weaponry, particle effects, and snow!
  • Christmas trees and presents!
  • Doors and lifts!
  • Fairy lights!

    Here’s a few screenshots of the new features…

    LOS lighting…

    shader fx…

    friendly droid targeting display…

50 thoughts on 'Xmas Assault!'

          1. 1. Hope you’re well Cas. 🙂
            Will it stay in that build? It’s really fun to play…
            2. Any updates on a possible level editor/sandbox yet?
            3. What is this RPG thingy?
            4. iOS ports?
            5. Ds on steam?

            1. Also if you’re not keeping that level in particular…
              Will you guys ever consider adding custom/seasonal/monthy levels with different Omni Corp mini missions?
              Many ones outside of factory and in city?
              New robots?

              1. The RPG modes are DLC which we’ll attempt to sell for a few bucks each. Each RPG mission will be a giant mission (approx same size as the entire arcade missions) with a specific goal. Quite possible they’ll feature a few extra droids too, and of course, ongoing tweaks.

                If they sell well enough we’ll be able to do seasonal ones as well.

                As it happens the Xmas mission is completely free but no-one’s noticed.

              2. Thanks!

                So will we see any “other corporations” besides Omnicorp in this universe here?
                Any more back-story? I guess those will show up in RPG missions…
                Also, the music is really cool, are you guys planning to add more?
                Plus will we see anything adding to maps like doors and lifts?
                Can we have npc nano-swarms that fight for us once transferred?

                1. We’ll just keep on adding things to it until nobody wants it any more 🙂 We do have plans for some other corporations but that is probably going to be saved for our epic massively multiplayer asynchronous wargame Battledroids.

              3. Also would we see any chaotic missions where we have “civilians,” or non droids, like Omnicorp employees, running for safety? Or, for example, when special-ops/Swat droids in a mall, that protect policemen npcs… the humans kind of looking like the pixel-men (eggheads, generals) you have in RoT?

              4. And by goals?…would they be more variable than destroying presents? Like bomb disposal haha.
                Would there be any non-combat droids? Omnicorp probably has like forklift, repair droids and p.a. droids running around the facilities, wouldn’t they?
                Just some thoughts! Thanks for responding so quickly.

                1. Some hoover droids and drinks dispensing bots would be funny eh 🙂 As it happens the BD-382 has gained the ability to hoover up mines and we’ll probably be adding minelaying capabilities in a further patch.

                  I’ve got a bunch of new mission types we’ll be using for RPG mode which I’d like to include: some fairly typical but hopefully exciting themes such as “blow up the reactor and escape before it goes critical” and “the heist” and “rescue” missions.

                2. That’s awesome. Thanks!

                  Oh! Is there anyway you can get nearby droids to follow up up lifts/through doors when a stage/building is clear?

                  I find it fairly annoying to have to lead droids up 2-3 lifts to get to where my last one died.


                  1. They won’t follow up lifts yet, haven’t had time to implement that 🙂 I’ll see if I can do it though as it might be important for the RPG mode DLCs.

                  1. Thinking of both a beacon button and a “park” button that shuts down your current droid (thus making it not a target for enemy droids). More thinking required on that one though.

                  2. awesome.
                    Any thoughts on ‘property damage’ points? or losses?
                    adding more scenery like soda machines?

                    Merry Xmas!

                    1. Yea! Excited!

                      Finished the Xmas campaign!
                      Yea! That was splendid!

                      Keys got stuck going right (d) at weird times
                      If I died while syncing, the crosshairs of my transfer beam still appeared over the cursor in the next instance of the game, so then I had two transfer crosshairs with different values. The transfer chime kept beeping anytime the game was on.
                      Shader effects button greyed-out. Hmm?
                      Partner droids got killed by closing doors if you changed bots while walking.
                      EMP shielding powers in xmas level, but no emp bots.

                      More Ideas!

                      Directional EMP turrets. Has disk rotating that sends little focused wave.

                      Lazer grids with subsequent hibernating turrets. (indicate that with pulsating or dark light?)

                      Power breakers or switches to enable or disable objects.

                      Conveyor belts.

                      Friendly nano-bots.

                      Moving floor panels.

                      Invisibility (time-limited powerup)

                      Forklift bots (are able to move and distribute cargo boxes)

                      More emphasis on Ra&D aspects of Omnicorp. Make more references to DR. Zap. Maybe give him a cameo in RPG level. Show his labs. And in turn, make a slew of one-run, one-of-a kind, “experimental” or “test” or “prototype droids” His creations or projects, strange robots that you can only find once or twice in a campaign, with non-functional weapons, strange noises/behaviors or unusual weapons. Even unplayable ones that don’t attack you, but go bezerk and spazz-out because of programming glitches. Or decommissioned droids being used for target practice. Paint them yellow like test-dummy robots, with lots of blast marks, or missing optical-sensors and sparking chassis. Mainly for scenery, that is all.

                      Perhaps a level where you have to rescue a kidnapped Dr. Zap?

                      Besides the RPGs, are you thinking of adding a major expansion, like another main campaign (30-40 levels) with the new features integrated?

                    2. The RPG levels are just that – giant maps like the Xmas DLC, but about 4-5x bigger in scope; roughly the same sort of size as the basic “arcade” campaign, but in a freely interconnected topology instead of a linear playthrough. We were testing some of the new features in Xmas mode.

                      Stuff that is definitely planned (or already done):

                      hackable security doors (1-9 points)
                      customisation station (spend xfer points on buffs)
                      a few new droids
                      a repair station
                      map station
                      a few more turret types (“gargoyles” and “fixed emplacements”)
                      security colour code cards

                    3. having not played Xmas Assault yet (Santa Claus actually has a deeply SICK sense of humor) i have some over all gameplay thoughts.

                      the game seems to reward you, in power ups/add ons for “skillful” game play (often providing at the right time, something key for survival.) is this strictly related to number of kills, or multiple kills, or remaining droids on your team; or are other tactics like, dodging, or transferring to other droids, a factor? and if not …could they be 🙂

                      i’ve said this before, i really like the balance (honed over the years!) of not playing too slow, or too fast. there a sweet spot to surf. it forces me to change my gameplay style depending on the condition of my team or the ballsy-ness of my mood.

                      targeting. i would love to see some simple tactical addition/advantage to targeting. like: firing on an enemy droid, while actively targeting them, causes more damage. this would add a little somethin’ to fighting bosses i would imagine (trying to keep the cursor over them while firing and evasive maneuvering.) also, if the fire button functioned similarly to the transfer button, where held down, it did something (besides multi-fire bots obliviously.) perhaps “lock” on to targeted enemy, or charges your guns for higher damage, or “grabbed” power ups or “grabbed” cargo boxes to fling, or freakin’ froze and tractor beamed smaller bots!!! …special droids that utilized some of these functions would be cool.

                      redistributing add ons between levels. i’m terrified of a bomber bot scooping up a wall bouncer and blowing away half my team. nightmares man.

                      can’t wait to play Xmas Assault …wait, didn’t Christmas pass already?

                    4. …i twould be nice, in balancing the beat down after nine kills, to, as i mentioned afore, incentivize tactical dominating with better and better power ups (like, 15 sec speed power up for your entire team, slowed down time for 5 sec, 8 sec group invisibility etc).

                      also, in-game awards/accomplishments for various amazing strategery would be gratifying: “you’ve got SA-WWEET MOVES!”

                    5. yes! the awesome possibilities are endless!

                      to Cas and all involved in making this game, i just wanna say thank you! from a gamer perspective, i appreciate all the work that went into making the best game ever, that i’ve enjoyed now for years, only costing me a couple coffees worth out of pocket. whaat?!! that’s amazing. nothing but gratitude from me. i just wanted to make that clear as i jokingly whine about xmas assault.

                      if i’m ever in a position to help you guys – done deal. won’t happen though, cuz i’ll be too busy playing your games 🙂

              5. …n some titan monster bosses that randomly show up and start eating all the droids – that you can take control over n…

                1. Haha or maybe even captured/frozen titans that space command has had shipped to Omnicorp for research purposes. *All personel please exit level 57. Unknown biological threat. Containment droids en route. Dr. Zap, you have a call on line 46*

                  1. “sh%#! we’re gonna need some bigger robots!” bbbbbvvvvooooo! (over used dramatic digital sub fart.)

  1. yes!! …no! xmas assault crashes when selecting a level. i’m running OS X 10.5.8

    i can send you the crash report if needed.

  2. Nice! You have a bunch of great games, but Droid Assault is easily my favourite. Every so often I pick it up, get addicted and have to uninstall it.

    I thought at first I had lost my history of unlocked levels – glad I didn’t replace the old binary with this one. Also, it dies when I enter any level, on OS X 10.7.4. I’ll email details.

    1. +1 on droid assault being my favs of the games… except, i never muster the courage to uninstall it.

      1. I’ve found another driver issue; however I’m being made to do THINGS with FAMILY, so an ETA for the patch is hard to come by

            1. OH!
              Can you guys think about adding some more scenery/music in the original arcade.
              The aforementioned soda machines, desks with computers, more potted plants.
              And dubstep boss level music?

              1. Oh!
                That’s it.
                There is no banner with extreme danger.
                The sound occurs but we can’t see the banner.

  3. if you have a K999 assassin and a B821 battledroid you can just about clean house non stop. the trick is beaming back and forth with quick aim. this team work between different bots got me thinking about the old shcool Simpsons arcade game, where each character could join with another and share their own special power move. it would be cool if you had something similar in this game, where one bot could “link” to a second to trigger, in that second bot, something, like a like radial defense/attack – freezing nearby enemies, or slowing ’em down, or kill targeting, or enemies turing on each other in a rampant rampage, etc…

    and one would figure out, through playing, what affect specific pairings with different bots would have in battle.

    …i’m juiced about the recharging station. you wanna hold on to those assassin droid crushers.

  4. My god you guys have out done yourselves. I am very glad I decided to come see if there were any updates and such to Droids Assault I had not played it in a few months. Now I come to find out you got dlc planned,possible seasonal events (still love the Yeti x-mas maps on ROT) and on top of all of that you have another Droid game planed.One that I will most likely get.Very very nice.

    I have a question regarding ROT which I am sure you got asked a crap load of,will more stuff like enemy types and reach items come in the future? I ask because I keep looking at sandbox mode but wish it came with a few new enemies and some research stuff. Either way very glad to hear Droids assault is going to get some love it is my favorite of your games tied with Revenge Of The Titans and followed by Titans Attack.

    1. Man my typo’s the RoT question regarding “reach items” was meant to spell “research items”. Note to self….typing extremely fast is not good with gloves on. Also might as well toss in a question about the new game,you stated massive in it,is it going to be large scale like Far Cry having 64 or so players at one time? Or something like a 16-32 player Free For All.

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