Battledroid Alpha Sprint #4

Otherwise known as, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Deadlines and Fail Gracefully”.

Ok, that’s a little melodramatic.

We were doing quite well on the sprints but then Real Life decided to place a series of embuggerances in our way. I notice that the spelling checker in WordPress doesn’t understand “embuggerance” but I assure you, it is a word.

The plan for this sprint was:

  • Fix all the bugs we know of (there were plenty of issues with focus and tabbing and mouseovers, and one or two other little minor glitches)
  • Steam Integration – a full Steam version of all functionality. Steam is actually not so hard to integrate as it sounds as we have an awesome Steam integration library ready-made from our previous games, and mostly it involves removing functionality that we’ve implemented already in the game for Puppygames customers.
  • Serverside housekeeping batch jobs – make accounts dormant if they’re unused for a month, etc. That sort of thing. In addition the subscribers actually needed to be charged on a regular basis (not that we’d actually enable it at this point – it just needs to be there)
  • The last messages widget on title screen needed wiring up, with the associated event polling stuff all working between clients and server
  • And the last actually exciting feature, the Commander Screen, in which you can adjust your display name, personal avatar, army colours, change manufacturer allegiance, and request to join a faction. As well as placeholders for stats and medals.

Well, in the end, all we’ve kinda managed to do is:

  • Fix the tabbing/focus/mouseover bugs. Except, infuriatingly, checkboxes
  • We can log in using Steam and get our avatar displayed but sadly that’s as far as we’ve got
  • The Commander Screen is visually coming on very nicely but none of the functions are wired up to the server yet and it’s not fully integrated properly yet at all, more like Chaz just trying it out first than actually functional.
What’s Our Excuse This Time?

Well, mostly, this is all my fault, because Mrs. Prince is terribly ill and I’ve basically had to take almost the entire sprint off work to look after her and the kids, whom I can assure you are a pair of devils sent to torture my mortal soul. Right now she is in hospital and everyone is very upset though the prognosis is good. I don’t know particularly how any sprint survives contact with a quarter of the team suddenly stopping working in a completely random manner, but there we go.

The next thing is that Chaz’s Windows installation has somehow managed to blow up this morning and he’s going to have to reinstall his OS, which means at least two days down the drain for him too.

Finally Riven’s mouse has died. Not his squeaky one, but his old faithful electronic one, the one he uses to point at things on screens with. This makes Windows extremely difficult to operate, it would transpire.

Whither Now?

Well, I don’t think it’s really worth releasing Battledroid this sprint because we’ve barely got anything done on it – I think it really needs another week of work on it when we’re all firing on all cylinders so to speak – so we’ll leave it. Which brings me to the exciting news of what’s happening next week, which is that we will all be exhibiting at EuroGamer Expo 2013 in Earl’s Court, London, between September 26-29! Once again we’ll be giving away two brand new Nexus 7 (2013 models) as prizes for the best hiscore we have recorded in Ultratron and Droid Assault come Sunday evening. I’ve got a new Nexus 7. It is awesome. You need to come and play.

As we’re basically all away all next week and then a couple of days to recover, I wouldn’t expect much visible progress till Friday 4th October.



16 thoughts on 'Battledroid Alpha Sprint #4'

  1. Completely understandable reasons for tardiness I do so believe. I hope everything picks up a little bit, and those devils stop torturing your poor little soul. Most importantly I hope that your wife gets better.

  2. A very important question™:
    Does steam integration implies that
    – we can use steam profile to login
    – there will be achievements
    – there will be trading cards?

    And are you still planning to release on kickstarter at Nov, 22?

    1. Interesting news on that front requiring a whole separate blog post, the gist of which is… we are now developing Battledroid as a Steam exclusive. No special deal with Valve or anything, just that it is costing us 10x more in time that it is worth to support Battledroid outside of Steam.

      So, in a nutshell, you will automatically log in with your Steam account, there will be tons of achievements, and there will be trading cards and badges and emotes. With any luck we will also have quite a cunning feature involving your Steam friends as well.

    1. 😀

      We’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block right now – we’ve lost Riven to the forces of entropy – so we’re going to have to take a 2-month sabbatical whilst I unravel a huge and complex system that he’s written.

  3. Hey, I was wondering, why doesn’t the login work, this is the error it gives:

    1. When I type the IP in my broswer, it gives the puppygames site…. O_o
      Just so you know in advance…

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