What happened back there?

You may or may not have noticed our server being extremely broken lately. In fact a week ago it developed a fatal bad sector on the boot disk and exploded, taking everything with it (including lwjgl.org unfortunately which is still not back up yet). We’ve worked tirelessly trying to piece it back together in between day jobs and progress on Revenge of the Titans, and it’s popped up and gone down like a yoyo ever since, occasionally losing the odd blog post and comments in the process.

We still don’t have email (though we do still have the puppygames Gmail account, so keep using that, please!). Hopefully this will be sorted fairly imminently.

Because of the server’s unexpected demise we completely missed the August 29th date for releasing Revenge of the Titans 1.51. So what we’ve done is roll it all up into a slightly bigger release with what was going to be in 1.52, and this is now scheduled for release on 12th September. The big things in the new release are:

  • You can now sell buildings! And if you’re quick enough (10 seconds), it won’t cost you a bean.
  • The HUD has been completely redesigned and can be hidden from view when you need to place buildings right down the bottom
  • The research screen now has a tree view as well as a categorised view, and all the building stats are available for researched items
  • Introducing the Medals screen, which you can view at any time, showing you the medals you’ve earned in your war efforts so far (with a total score)

Stay tuned for updates!

7 thoughts on 'What happened back there?'

    1. Right now I’ve got 66 medals. Probably enough to be going on with! Half of them are like “uniques” which you only earn once per player slot, the others are “repeats” which you get for each level, eg. a gold medal if you complete a level at maximum difficulty (i.e. the first time you encounter a particular layout).

      Each medal is worth a certain number of points, and you get ranked according to your total score too 🙂

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