Now on Steam!

What's Steam?

So it would seem… we are on Steam now! Humble Bundlers: Valve are working on getting the game into your libraries. Be patient, it’ll just pop up automatically when it’s ready. Puppygames customers: we’ll sort out keys for anyone who wants to use the Steam version – I’m working on a page you can use to grab a Steam key automatically as there are too many requests for me to do manually now!

I’ve got another patch waiting in the wings, v1.80.11, but I’ll release that next weekend when things are quiet. Amongst other things it increases the amount of barricades and mines you get, brings crystals a bit closer, reduces difficulty somewhat in later levels, and has modding support in it!

Quick note – we’ll be adding Steam achievements and hopefully Steam Cloud support over the next month or so. And getting ahold of Steam keys is going to take a day or two maybe. Hang in there.

We Can Haz A Forumz!111!1!

The Joy of Valve! They have given us a forum! See you there.

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  1. Congratulations on the milestone!

    I’m pestering everyone I know to get a copy – it’s gotten so bad that during a meetup of friends a spontaneous four-man “Blah, blah, blablablah, blahblahblahblah, blah!” broke out.

    I was so proud /sniff.

  2. Great news!

    Also appreciate the wall buff.

    How about that steam forum though? Perspective customers usually want a place to ask questions.

  3. Huzzah! I noticed this about 30 minutes ago and came here to look for a blog post detailing exactly the things you detailed. 😀

  4. Um, where would I send that mail for a Steam key to? Would love to get my copy activated on Steam 🙂

  5. I just looked on the Steam website, and noticed that the only version listed is for linux. Does that mean that as a mac user, I won’t be able to play through Steam?

      1. The Steam Mac version will be coming out next week I hope. There was a problem with it – don’t know what yet coz the Steam guy we were dealing with had to take a few days off – should be trivial to solve though when he gets back.

        I wonder when Steam will support Linux. Can’t be that hard…

  6. mmm, good!!!
    waiting to find it in my library thanks to Humble Indie Bundle 2!

    no Mac version on Steam? no SteamPlay? 🙁

    1. Mac version is coming in a week (says so in the newsletter).

      Thanks for the update, I’m looking forward to it coming on steam and the achievements! 😀

  7. Hurray! You finally got there…. but noticed that the video footage was of one of the earlier versions (when all titans destroyed dropped money) Ah, time flies!

  8. Winning!

    I haven’t been playing RotT recently because I’ve been so busy and partially because it wasn’t on Steam yet.

    But now it is!

    Now to be not busy.

    And write better sentences.

    And use grammar.

    Congrats guys! 😀

  9. Great, just saw it in my list and downloaded it right away!

    Any chance of your other games making their way to Steam as well?

  10. Yeah, it’s in on Steam. Congratulations! Now to put in some serious time into it–I haven’t really been paying attention what with the flurry of updates and all, but this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. 🙂

    Oh, and how would the parameters for adjusting scale work on Steam, btw? Would we have to enter that information by means of Properties -> Launch Options?

  11. Congratulations Puppy Games!

    Thanks for the key offer, but I re-purchased it on Steam anyway, in typical fan-boy fashion. I’m hoping some good RotT sales will lead to your previous games getting on there too. I’ve gotta get the PG back catalogue on my Steam Account!

    Also, +1 on the whole Steam Achievements thing if you guys ever get the time to work on that.

  12. So I found the forum, but you should really link it to the store page.

    easier for everyone to find(not even right-clicking on the game and selecting “view forum” brings you to the right place.

      1. The musician has also done a superb job, but I miss some soundtracks in the additional file I got, especially the Moon theme 🙁

  13. Congrats!

    Ehm,even in latest version I still see some “?” icons with a “coming soon” message… is there a purpose to fill the gaps or will they be left as this ?

    1. We’re going to do an addon at some point. I’ve already actually coded the buildings mostly… they just need graphics 🙂 But I’d like to release them in conjunction with Sandbox mode, and maybe that thing that allows people to hand-craft levels and upload them.

      1. Oh great!

        With such a variety of titans and buildings you finally made I have to insist that to develop a 1v1 game would be a good idea. While keeping the same defensive flavour, the player also would decide where and which kind of titan horde to spawn on the map to destroy the rival base.

      2. Hey cas, dont forget you promised those buildings to us for free 🙂

        Depending on how deep the sandbox mode is, I wont mind paying for it, but dont lump the expanded tech tree in with sandbox if that is to be “official” dlc.

      1. Looks like it was given a 16-bit colour buffer – a little odd, as we specifically as for 32-bit, and simply create a fullscreen window on the desktop at its current colour depth.

        There are some settings in most 3D card drivers that can influence this – particularly “texture quality” – if you set that to “faster” rather than “quality” you’ll find the graphics look quite poo.

  14. Hey there, I love Revenge of the Titans! 🙂 Please update your Twitter account, I would like to follow you (and get news ‘n shit).

    Keep up the cool work!

    1. PuppyGames has a twitter?

      unless you are confusing the humble indie bundle twitter for PG’s twitter.

      1. Teachers. From the looney literature teacher to the mad science teacher and the damn bastard of physic education

  15. I have a complaint/suggestion/doubt:

    I don’t understand how the survival mode works. It is supposed that I unlock each tier maps after winning the campaign, but keeping the same techs/buildings researched ! It does not helps to the replayability of the game since always I will be forced to use the same set I chose -obliviously- for the campaing.

    I would like to use different sets of techs to see what is more appealing for me in survival in early maps. What I propose is, given that the research is now free and only allowed a choice per level, this means that the selected techs are a fixed number (10 for Earth, 20 for Moon, 30 for Mars, etc). Therefore I would like to have a survival tree profile that can be editable up to that limit number for each tier maps instead of having a fixed selected set.

    1. It’s a pretty nifty idea and one that has been suggested a few times (that is, you can basically choose your entire research tree every level!) I’ll have a think about it but I might leave it up to the community to figure out a mod 🙂

  16. I purchased the game Revenge of the Titans on Steam and all is well on my windows pc… but when i download the Linux version on my linux pc, it needs a email address to authenticate me and unlock the full game. I tried the email associated with my steam and it did not working and basically said that it just signed me up for a news letter 🙁
    What can I do to register my linux version of the game that I downloaded since I do own the game and the support page says that if you buy for one platform, you can play it on all platforms.

    thanks in advance.

      1. I sent a message using the contact/feedback feature on this site. Let me know via email if you need any more info. I do have the confirmation number from the steam purchase if needed. – thanks for the response.

    1. I got swamped with 200+ requests so I’m making a little webpage so you can all help yourselves 🙂 I’ll blog it as soon as it’s ready.

  17. Sorry I spammed you about the key again. Didn’t notice you were working on a webpage solution. Thanks for info! And keep up the good work! I love your game!

    1. Actually I thought Kjolnir was being pretty passive with his opinions and feedback regarding the game. That guy “just_don’t_do_it” or whatever his name is, was being a total douchebag. It seemed like he was trying to be an instigator, either that or he really was one of those insecure fanboys that lacks the intelligence to accept another persons point of view or ideas. Kind of a shame really. I don’t agree with everything Kjolnir stated, but some of the stuff he referred to made got me thinking about a few of the game mechanics and at the very least he wasn’t acting like douche or behaving like a man-baby. Kjolnir used the forums the way they’re supposed to be used, just_don’t_do_it did the opposite and behaved poorly – like a child. When people like just_don’t_do_it make posts like that they just ruin the forums for others and waste useful space that can be utilized for actual feedback and constructive criticism.

      1. Actually, I disagree. The kjolnir person’s OP was aggressive, confrontational, and immensely arrogant, and later he/she resolved to ad hominem attacks, which I warned them about; and then they were resumed against someone else. I don’t know who this person is but they don’t come into my house and start causing trouble without being told to fuck off. The Steam forum is for people who like the game, not people who think they can write a better one, and kjolnir has crossed the line.

        1. The only criticism about game mechanics is about the rigidity of the tech tree you have in survival being an heritage from the campaign mode. While for the campaign is meaningful a history of the tech development, for the replayability of survival mode it should not, but having the choice of the set of techs you prefer to research different strategies and to experiment.

            1. Hmmm… I went back and re-read Kjolnir’s initial post and it didn’t seem as if he was being aggressive to me. He may have been highly opinionated but the first attack came from Just_don’t_do_it. When two people start bickering and name calling I couldn’t agree more with you, but that Kjolnir person replied to j_d_d_i’s comment without actually insulting him first.

              I think you need to be aware of these things because, even if you don’t like the comments someone makes about your game (whether they be suggestions, feedback, bug reporting, or they generally just don’t like your game) you have to have a bit of a tough skin and when you realize someone is just expressing an opinion that you don’t agree with, simply ignore it.

              I believe that’s even more important to remember if you’re the developer of the game that’s being discussed. If you let comments that you personally don’t like make you all emotional you’ll only end up hurting yourself.

              Check out Jeff Vogel’s blog post regarding developers and their forums:


              It’s a valuable lesson – and it doesn’t mean “Do not read your forums”, all it means is be wary of what you take from your forums. Jeff knows what he’s talking about, he’s been in the game as long as anyone if not longer. He’s one of the few lasting and successful indie game developers.

              It’s just food for thought but it’s also helpful information.

            2. Oh btw…

              Ban him ban him ban him!
              one less doucebag will do the forum good

              Evan if it’s only the rott section

              1. No need, I’ll just keep editing out insults and such and let them duke it out amongst themselves. I know why just_dont_do_it was incensed; I was, too, but I’m an ambassador for Puppygames and generally if I’ve got nothing nice to say I say nothing at all.

                1. well im glad im not running your froum then 😛 You handle it better then I would, I would just wave around the ban hammer

        2. im glad you agree there, I loved how stupid he looked when he strait out bashed your statement that this game is an rts, and how he was rude when you regarded the filler tech
          I quote
          Originally Posted by princec View Post

          RotT is not a tower defense game, it’s a real-time strategy game, really.

          I’m sorry, but that’s an absolutely absurd assertion. It’s clearly a tower defense game with RTS elements. It’s not BAD that it’s a tower defense game with RTS elements, but that’s what it is. No other RTS game on the planet features only units that you can’t move (aka “towers”) that you then use to defeat enemies who follow a more-or-less predictable path. Every tower defense game on the planet does.

          and another quote

          Originally Posted by princec View Post
          There are deliberately a few filler technologies
          A few? Ha.

          In short I agreed with everything just_dont_do_it said

          And just so you know cas, you handled that well, and im still yet to read the whole thing,
          you realy ought to add a rules sticky so you can point them to it so they screw off 😛

          1. oh btw, I might take 5 minutes to see how many times he double posted, if he didnt know theres an edit button hes probobly like 10

  18. On the Steam forums you mentioned the next patch will be postponed until next Friday. Would it be possible to upload it to the site and humble bundle since you don’t need a Valve representative for that? Just really looking forward to it. 🙂

    1. please allow us to help you help yourself to help us all…
      I think thats what glaDos said 😛

      Anyway your probobly going to have to try different things

  19. Wow I’ve been away from this blog/forums for a bit, looks like a lot of drama went down…going to have to catch up!

  20. Aaargh! Can’t wait to get the Steam key… Don’t wanna start to play, if I need to restart after installing it through Steam (my preferred way).

    1. You won’t need to restart, all the campaign data is saved in a cross-version, cross-platform format in the same place.

  21. So I downloaded the latest versions of the other puppyblog games.

    anyway to restore my progress? Especially for droid assault. Started me at lvl 1 again.

    1. I have the opposite question – is there any way to DISCARD my progress? I like starting new campaigns, but I hate that I keep forgetting which level I should be doing next if I want to save my current research tree. 🙂

      Maybe if a level has been completed, the levels following it could say “Previously cleared” instead of “Cleared!” (assuming the campaign has been finished once) ?

    1. Yeah, same. Still waiting to be able to apply my version bought here on to my Steam Account.

      Any idea of an ETA, Cas? 🙂

      1. I appear to have been beset upon by relatives who are staying in my “office” :/ I’ve only had minimal time with the computer for the last week to check support emails and such. Bah.

    1. Just getting some other work out of the way first (Ultrabundle refresh) before I embark on them. Will be adding achievements to the Ultrabundle games too. Just a few more trophies to collect, not the vast plethora of medals in Revenge!

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