1920 x 1080 Revenge of the Titans wallpaper

Here’s the first wallpaper, which is a modified version of the image that will be gracing the Steam store soon, touch wood…

Click on the image for compressed .jpg version, or you can grab an uncompressed .jpg or .png (which Windows will convert to a .jpg anyway if you set it as the desktop background, I think.

Will be putting up other sizes, and getting special versions done for those that helped with the Mac icon, soon! … though that’s a special Puppygames soon 🙂

ペイントツールSAI ftw!

There’s another wallpaper image to come as well, along similar lines, at a later date. Here’s how it looked at an early stage in PaintTool SAI, which really is the dog’s ‘nads if you’ve got a tablet, and can’t draw for toffee*, like me…

Tune in tmrw to see the finished thing!… Steam permitting.

* It doesn’t really make you any better at drawing in general, as you can probably tell by my efforts, it just makes it easier to draw smooth lines with a tablet with it’s cunning adjustable stabilizer wotsit.

18 thoughts on '1920 x 1080 Revenge of the Titans wallpaper'

  1. i’ll be waiting for other sizes, since my resolutions are all 16:10.

    looks cool, and i’m excited for the steam release.

  2. Dear Cas,

    a famous German Games-Website reviewed your game:

    Maybe you already know everything about this review, but I’d like to translate the final Summary for everyone else again:

    + they are impressed by the number of diffrent enemies and units/structures in general
    + they think there is a lot of room for diffrent tactics
    + they think 50 Missions is quite long for an indie-game campaign
    + they like the level of difficulty
    + they say bosses are challenging
    + they like to have a lot of options, when it comes to research
    + they like your system of achivments and Power-Ups
    + they like that players can influence the battle directly by reloading manually or aiming with the capacitor
    + they say it is nice to have a survival and endless mode
    + they would say: “awesome retro graphics”
    + they like your fitting and dark soundtrack

    – they think the research window is confusing/unclear
    – they don’t like, that you can’t compare researches and that there is no way to plan effectively
    – they say the game is too hard to understand in general especially because of “poor” helptexts
    – they think the gameplay is rather hectic
    – they say the game might be to difficult, at least sometimes, and so there is a high chance gamers just stick with Trial and Error methods
    – they say some levels are quite “barren”
    – they’d like to see a multiplayer-part
    – they noticed that the game is English only, but didn’t reflect this in their final score of

    I should add, that this is a quite good rating for an indie-game…
    You are on par with Assassins Creed II…

    Their final statement is:
    Fordernde Tower Defense-Schlachten mit vielen Forschungsoptionen gegen zahllose Aliens in Retro-Optik.
    Challenging Tower-Defense-Battles with many research options and countless aliens in Retro-Graphics…

    1. I’m curious about this as well, I thought we were gonna get it automatically. 😮 Guess we’ll have to wait to see if it gets fixed or something.

      Great wallpaper though! And I think the drawings look great :c

  3. Holy gidrah! RotT finally on Steam! 😀
    I wish you a very successful sale!

    (dang, twitter seems to be knocked out, can’t tweet this immediately)

  4. Yeah, I’d like to know how to apply my Copy bought here on Puppygames to my Steam account. 😀

  5. Both at home PC and in the job one. I expect it will be noticeable enough and lure some pals to the game.

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