Yeti Attack!

Wolcum Yole, Puppyfriends! As a special treat to all the boys and girls who have been good all year we have spent the last month working on completely free DLC for Revenge of the Titans!

All you need to do is make sure you install the latest v1.80.14 release (download the demo from our site here if you’re a Puppygames customer, or go to your Humble Indie Bundle download page, or just fire up Steam and it’ll update automatically). You’ll find that between 19th December and 8th January there’s a new game mode available – Yeti Attack! You get all the toys in the game, albeit in limited numbers, and you can even use disruptor towers safely! The objective is to survive for exactly 30 minutes of a constant stream of Hoff Yetis arriving from the north. The maps generated are completely random so there should even be some good replay value in there as well. Afterwards you will be treated to some amusing statistics.

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  1. I’ll second that motion Brandon! Thank you so much Puppygames, for going that extra mile and providing something so unexpected and amusingly cute! I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again, you guys ROCK! Festive season wishes for you & yours and the best for next year – one happy happy ROTT player 🙂

  2. when i click restart game on the the xmas special it greys out all the tech.

    i keep on accidentally dragging the screen when trying to sell or perform other quick operations. haven’t gotten used that yet.

    otherwise – flawless!

      1. Er yeah seems there’s a wee bug. I’ll fix it after Xmas. In the meantime just restarting from the title screen does the job, albeit always with a newly generated level.

    1. I would say it in another way that may help Cas : would it be possible to pay to get permanently the game mod ? after all, this would help you to fund your next project and it would be far from being mandatory :p

      1. Well, we’ll see… right now it’s just a special Xmas treat that vanishes on 9th January. We’re hoping that sometime in the Spring that Justin’s Sandbox Mode mod will be released though, which will have the extra stuff in it…

      1. Vanilla – tried to record a video in FRAPS of the problem but it seems to start a new movie every time the window resizes – weird – maybe it’s related?

        If I do a big drag the problem occurs but then if I follow that with a little drag (a couple of pixels maybe it resets it correctly)

  3. Oh gawd, the last Megayeti killed me and he had barely any life left. But it was a blast 😀 Something like this would make a great DLC, maybe with a little campaign and extra special weapons. I would buy it instantly.

    1. I’ve beaten the final Ultrayeti now (instead of sleeping… oh well) 😀 This mode is awesome! I had a lot of fun and on top of that I’ve earned more medals than the game could handle 😉
      Too bad that Fraps wasn’t running, that would really be something I could proudly show my grandchildren xD
      But at least I’ve got some screenshots:

      Thanks to Cas and everyone from PuppyGames; so far the best christmas present 😀

  4. hahaha! very clever addition! thanks cas. bought another copy of the game for your trouble. ^^ puppygames make great gifts for those with little time, but need their blasty twitch fix.

  5. finally beat the xmas special. that was really fun. there were some pretty funny gifts. 🙂

    near the end the screen shaking slows down the game a good deal on my computer, it’s an older computer so it’s probably not a biggie.

    i’m having issues with getting to the “sell” button quickly. i sometimes miss it and yell a lot. i know i can use the delete key – i’d love to reconfigure that so it’s closer to the the scrolling wasd keys. a right click on nothing to activate selling would be cool too.

    can’t wait for sandbox.

  6. The crystal spawning seems to be buggered — crystals may spawn in a spot which can’t be accessed with refineries because of rocks and such., then eventually all crystals end up there once they expire elsewhere and reapawn.

    1. It may have always done that… though crystals never actually “expire” or “respawn”, there’s just a slowly decreasing interval over which they are continuously created. I suppose if you get seriously unfavourable terrain your only option is to generate a new level.

  7. Just beat the Yeti Attack! mode and came here to comment. It’s 2am here in Uruguay but I wouldn’t go to sleep when I was so close…

    It’s an awesome mode, great to have the chance to test all of the available technologies (I’m still stuck on the campaign :S), and pretty fun. Now that I’ve came back to RoTT, maybe I’ll give the campaign another try.

    I’ve published a blog post about Yeti Attack on my blog:

    Looking forward for more new modes!

  8. Finished it too. May be a bit simple because the truly vicious titans are not here, but plenty entertaining and a lot easier to finish than the campaign 🙂

  9. I just tried out the Steam version for Windows, and the version number reports 1.80.15. Is there a difference between that and 1.80.14 for Linux?

  10. Srsly? This Achievement is INSANE! I bought this Game cause its fun, but this? No guys… this is not fun at all!

      1. Nope, i tried my best, but im done. I’ll skip this achievement … and mostly will never start this game again :/

        1. Frankly, this mode is extremely simple once you put a little thought to it. The end is quite frantic, but with standard effort they does not destroy your defences quick enough to make you loose.

          It does sadden me when peoples litteraly can’t take the most minimal amount of effort to win. Easier than that is more or less automatic :/

        2. I’ve been stuck at the campaign for quite a while and I found this new mode both refreshing and easier to accomplish. Just make sure you mine enough minerals and all of the technology is at your hands. Try different approches, vary your weapons, use other defense mechanisms.

          It’s a shame you’re missing RoTT’s awesomeness just because of a bad experience. I know it seems hard at first, but being a crappy player myself I’ve already beaten the Yetis twice 🙂

            1. I’m afraid not, it’s a single load-out and you need to make do with what you have as best you can. There are occasionally drops of extra barricades and mines though.

  11. I defeated all 4 Ultra-Yetis but didn’t get the Drunken Family Argument achievement. Got “SPROUT FLATULENCE”.

    Bug? Or did I miss something specific?

    1. Ah would that be v1.80.14…? I fixed that bug in 1.80.15 but if you’re playing the Steam version it is still inexplicably stuck at 1.80.14 🙁

  12. Am I missing something or is the “scale=x.x” launch option no longer doing anything with the new update? It used to work just fine…

    1. Woops – it did get a little bit broken, yes. I will endeavour to fix it in the next patch. Also broken are the viewport coordinate switches as well.

  13. I have finished Yeti Attack, and it’s pretty cool. Thanks!

    The new scrolling controls were a major pain at first, then I got used to it, but the old way still feels better to me, especially because of the powerups. I’m glad I still have the old installer. If I bought the game on Steam, it wouldn’t be an option.

    As the new mode gets more and more difficult, you get to use different skills/weapons you have, so it feels like a condensed version of the main campaign – perfect for those of us who wanted to revisit it.

    Difficulty is in line with the main campaign, and it’s good. However, the gift pile achievement is way too difficult, especially for new players who don’t yet have the skills. The first two or three big yetis would be a better choice.

    1. I admit the old scrolling felt nicer most of the time, it’s a shame we just don’t seem to get the data from the LWJGL display that we’re expecting to make it work smoothly or reliably everywhere. But then it’s kinda like when Mac OS suddenly inverted the scrollwheel… after a short while it feels the natural way to do things.

      Agreed about the gift pile cheevo; I think I’ll ask Valve to switch the requirement to the first 3 yetis and leave the other two for glory.

      1. I still haven’t beaten the main campaign, so the Yeti Attack is too tough for me. I haven’t mastered all the high-end weapons and tech quite yet,

        Is there a forum or something (besides here) where RoTT strategy is discussed?

          1. i often end up scolling when using the capacitors, which can be very frusterating. beyond that i’ve gotten use to the new way.

              1. no i get the various ways to scroll. i strictly use the wasd keys. but what i meant was when targeting the titans that get close to a capacitor i end up scrolling rather than killing the titan.

                1. if you accidentally click the capacitor you’ll get scrollage. anything inside of the capacitor range shouldn’t trigger scrolling unless you’re right clicking – is my long winded suggestion.

                  1. Sounds like a bug report rather than a suggestion 🙂 The capacitor should always fire if you click inside its range. There are probably a few edge cases I didn’t consider (out of ammo, moving mouse into range from outside, moving mouse out of range from inside with button down and back again, etc) because I kinda solved most of them with RMB scrolling.

                    I’ll have a look at it anyway.

  14. What about us direct2drive customers? Is there any way we can get this new version? I’m stuck at 1.80.12, so no yeti attack for me 🙁 .

    Also, is there any chance i could get a key to activate my copy of RevengeoftheTitans in steam? Thanks in advance.

    1. The Yeti attack is active even in the demo from Puppygames 🙂 So just download it and have a play.

      D2D are going the same way as Desura. I think D2D will have to wait until I get an autopatcher made, and then I’ll release that to D2D and never have to worry about it again.

  15. I just saw your post with achievement statistics: “Of course it’s impossible to tell who used the savedgame cheat or not, but I suspect not that huge of a number did.”

    Well, the problem is that the percentage of players who killed 5 yetis is roughly the same as the percentage of players who killed just 1 – and much higher than the percentage of players who killed 2, 3 and 4. Roughly 2/3 of players who have killed five yetis did that without having killed 3 or 4 – and that’s almost certainly cheating.

  16. How do you view your stats and compare them vs other players? For example Evgeny mentions how players have killed a certain number of Yettis.

    1. We never implemented that for the Xmas bonus mode – didn’t have time – so basically you’ll want to post your scores somewhere. Xmas mode will vanish in 4 days though.

      1. How do I find my highscore ingame? I’m a newbie!

        (but pretty good by the sounds of things, I think I’ve done 4 yettis).

        1. I am not sure that the statistiques are really worthwhile as comparison in this mode ; after all, if you finish the Xmas mode, you have basically killed everything, and finishing it is pretty doable with a bit of experience ^^

          (then again, I am slugged in the Saturn front, while the Xmas lmode seem to target earth / moon difficulty)

  17. I find the earth survival the hardest! I have only got 14 mins but on saturn I have 26. Is that normal?

    1. It depends what tech you have – there’s a super-deep complex metagame in Survival mode in that the tech you kill the planet boss with is the tech you have for survival mode. Which might make your choices interesting as some tech is totally geared towards survival mode (eg. droids, repair drones, shield generators, and the like). You might have to create a new slot and try going through Earth again but choosing tech for survival hiscores…!

      1. I see!!!! I thought that the unlocked tech came as you progressed through the game. So THAT’s why I struggle on the earth level.

        Thanks for that.

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