RotT Sandbox mode beta now live!

Thanks to those that send us feedback on the RotT online editor beta. … and now the new Revenge of the Titans Sandbox mode gets it’s turn to do the beta thing.

With the Sandbox mode you’ll be able to play all the user published levels and campaigns, and compete for hiscores. You don’t need to have signed up to the online editor, but if you have done you can login using your online editor account details and you’ll be able to play your own unpublished levels and campaigns as well.

… if you’re part of the beta testing group that is 🙂

Please note:
The Sandbox mode beta will only be available to people that have bought the game from this site.
It wont work if you’ve bought it from Steam or from the Humble Indie Bundle.
Sorry about that. It will be available to everyone when it’s released.

If you want to take part send us your name and email address using this contact form, and we’ll sign you up and send you a reply email as soon as we can. In the meantime download and install the latest build of Revenge of the Titans from this site.

Once again any feedback is greatly appreciated – please use this contact form.

And again a general disclaimer – it’s a beta so there may be bugs! And they’ll be some limit on the number of people we’ll sign up for free, so first come first served etc.

16 thoughts on 'RotT Sandbox mode beta now live!'

  1. Seeing this, I think I might start playing this game again. Too bad that I never got it via your site. Or I think so, at least.

    Btw., is there any chance you will ever get rid of the online activation bit? I got a new laptop and completely forgot to activate the other games, and obviously couldn’t play it. And then, there’s the whole buisness of ‘Turn on, type address, turn off, check email, turn on, typa address. Repeat two more times.’ Or at least make it possible to add another activation beofre hand.

      1. Oh, any chance of some DRM-free love? Like Humble Store perhaps (or Desura or Gameolith, if that’s not possible)?

        It’s great that Steam will be on Linux, but you know.

        Thanks anyway!

  2. OMG, awesome.
    I’m so glad I bought from you guys now, this is great. But I imagine some people wont be too happy about that. :/

    1. Fun fact : the game is so dirt cheap that buying it again on the site is cheaper than a meal.

      Another fun fact : I don’t see having access to beta as a privilege but as a way to help the author. If he have enough testers with direct buy only, then all the better for him.

  3. Darn, really got to play it again when it becomes available since I had it from Humble Bundle (and learn how to do it well this time). In the meantime, Droid Assault! 😀

  4. Superb! Will have to replay this, now that it’s out of beta. Can’t wait for the new one.

    But anyway, could you look at moving the dirs to where the XDG specs say? It’d make all out homefolders nicer.

    1. Hrmm… at some point. It’s not as simple as you’d like to think because as soon as I do that it means everyone’s saved games and settings will just apparently reset and vanish. == major support headache.

      In the meantime you can actually specify exactly where you want your game files to go anyway with the commandline like this:

      “home=\”some weirdy path\””

      (Note all the extra quotes and slash escapes)

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