RotT Sandbox & Soundtrack out now on Steam!

Now you can listen to the music of Dave Sunerton-Burl whilst beavering away with the Revenge of the Titans level and campaign editor, and then play and share your creations in the new Sandbox mode, and compete for hiscores!

You can get Sandbox Mode and the Soundtrack directly on Steam here, or buy it directly from us (and you get a free Steam key anyway!).

Confused? What is this Sandbox mode you speak of? Here’s what it is in a nice easy to read list format:

  • Create your battlefield, choose your Titan adversaries and select your weapons and tech with the online editor! Add mission briefings to your levels to create custom campaigns!
  • Publish your levels and campaigns to share them online!
  • Play community built levels & campaigns!
  • Compete for hiscores!

Here’s one I made earlier…
Titan Insurgency
… and here are a couple you can play in the campaign ‘U.R.O.K.’
Anyeong Ruins
Gangnam Style

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    1. Waiting for the Steam linux client itself to settle before we attempt that. Don’t know much about Linux so problems are 100x as baffling…

    1. They’re coming! Titan Attacks got a nice refresh a few days ago. We’re working on some really cool stuff for Droid Assault now.

      1. Yeah, I heard that you’ve introduced some turning to doors mechanics! Either way, I can’t wait for all the refreshes, I enjoyed many hours in Titan Attacks so far, probably more than in RoTT actually.

  1. I don’t understand the dlc price hope things look better during the steam winter sale (that’s a hint) 😉

    1. It costs about the same as a coffee, except it took over a year to make it and we gave away half of it for free! Not to mention the base game costs peanuts. Think of it as supporting Puppygames. Or specifically Alli who made most of it, because he needs the money, badly.

        1. Just a plug for the winter sale, I and many others buy things during the winter sale sometimes “just because” it’s on sale. I have 317 purchased Steam games and have only played about 40 of them and only “really” played up to 20 of them. If you look at achievements of games bought during sales you can see that often times at least 30-40% of the buyers have not even earned the first achievement. With quantities this large you can make more money selling your product to someone who is basically just giving you money + the others rather than only to those interested in playing.

  2. Cas,

    would you consider making the Titan playable in RoTT and let computer control the base one day ? ( Tower Atttack games )

  3. What encoding/quality is the soundtrack in? Have been collecting a few recently but getting pretty tired of people thinking low quality mp3s are acceptable in 2012. Will buy immediately if its FLACs. I also wish steam would bother to organise music properly, the insane requirement to own the game and drop it in the game folder is mind-boggling and the lack of proper info fields on the store page frustrating. Please tell them they suck from me if you have the opportunity.

      1. I’m not going to ask for the FLAC version on the Humble Bundle I bought, but any chance it could be put on Bandcamp?

        1. All my experience with steam soundtracks has been terrible. Bandcamp is the only store I trust anymore for soundtracks. It would be great to see the soundtrack available there. As it is i’m going to wait until the full soundtrack is in flacs as the one below seems to be missing songs?

      1. If I may ask, why does the soundtrack not include the shorter tracks eg/ the Moon theme? That one in particular is my favourite and I was disappointed that it wasn’t among the tracks I got from the Humble Bundle download.

  4. Will it be possible to get the DLC DRM-free? I’d like to buy it outside of Steam. Or just like Goblin Menace for Trine 2, at least so I can buy it directly from you.

    Oh, and in the previous post you hinted at the Humble Store, would you care to reveal more?

    1. You can get it direct from Puppygames and it works in the same way as our normal registration thing – as before it defaults to “registered” in the event of Puppygames vanishing forever. Not really sure how we’d do a Humbled version of it as it’s specifically designed as a sort of unlockable addon.

      We would like to get our games into the Humble Store so you can buy them directly from our site via Humble Bundle but we’ve not quite had the time to sort it out yet.

      1. If they come via Humble Store, will we have to rebuy them again? Or will we just get an email with ‘here’s a new link for downloading’?

        1. Like Steam, Humble Store is a different “thing” to Puppygames – buying things from elsewhere means you’d be dealing with them, not us, and there’s no easy way for us to reverse it. Buying directly from us means we know who you are and it’s also why we can give you Steam keys. We can’t give you Puppygames “keys” after buying something from Steam or Humble because we have no idea who you are.

          1. No, I mean that if you replace the current method of buying with Humble Store, will the buyers get Humble Store keys as a replacement of the current method.

              1. Ah, okay. That’s what got me confused then 😀

                But regarding the Humble Store version, will that come with Steam keys (like many on their store do) and will it be DRM-free? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, just curious.

  5. Map Editor Login

    “Network error, please try again.”

    I can create maps and publish them, but if I want to test a map it keeps giving this error? Cas any idea’s why?

      1. I’m having that problem as well with the added bonus of now not being able to log into the editor website as of tonight. Where would I find the log files in steam to send you?

          1. That got me back onto the editor website now I just need to find those log files to send you to help with “network error” error.

  6. Hey, pleased as punch that this is finally out. Question though, I bought the original RoTT from the HIB and I’d like to buy the upgrade directly from you guys, I get a steam key for sandbox emailed to me correct (how does this work)?

    And is there any reason it costs dollar more on your website vs steam? 5.99 vs 4.99?

    1. Ah that’s an accident. We could say “Because you also get a free Steam key and Linux support from our site”, in theory, though right now we don’t have any Steam keys for Sandbox mode from Valve yet.

          1. Oh, by “this time of year” I hope you don’t mean we’d have to wait until after the holidays. :I

  7. This update crashed my campaign and corrupted the save, forcing me to start again :/

    Now I can’t load one of the levels, it just gets stuck half way through loading Stiltonium (can still press esc and use the menu).

  8. I don’t suppose there is any way to use the Sandbox totally offline? In case I don’t have access to the online editor?

    Would it be possible to get an offline editor if you are not interested in the community features and just want to make maps for yourself?

  9. Any chances that users will ever be able to control the spawn points in sandbox levels? I’d like to fine-tune the number of spawns, and control when waves are released.

    1. A tricky addition right now but something we can add to the wishlist – depends how Sandbox sells. Currently it’s made a loss of about £20k 🙂 Maybe it’ll break even at some point and we can start adding more bits.

          1. Ah. Well I hope you do make money back on this.

            Regarding the sandbox, if I got it via HB and buy it here, will those two work together? I think I got another copy from you during the free event (already had the Ultrabundle, thought I might as well get this via here), but I’m not sure right now. Generally, how does this version activate?

            1. I got mine via the HIB and Sandbox bought directly from here works just fine. Mind you have to download the current version from your humble page to register your sandbox via email. Cas said that he would be giving direct buyers steam keys for the dlc later too 🙂

              Speaking of sales and emails, Cas, if you haven’t already done so might I suggest sending out a newsletter to everyone who has bought and registered the game? I’m sure that would net quite afew more sales from people who enjoyed the game but long-ago stopped keeping up with it, making old things new again and all that.

              I know I stumbled on the news that the dlc was out completely by chance when I saw this game on Steam’s featured section and decided to click on it for whatever reason.

              1. Funny you should say that, the newsletters are at this very moment flying across the galactic void to do battle on distant star systems.

  10. Cas, just to say the latest Patch fixed the editor for me, I can now test maps before publishing, all is well and am having fun, might try to tinker with it to see if I can specify the number of buildings a Player can start with.

    Would love to have a map where you can build a toone of drone factories and have an armarda of aliens try to rush your base, I would like to see my little droid army try to tear them down!.

    1. There seems to be a cap on production limited buildings(things like droid-factories and lasers) at the moment, where you can only get 1 of each. I asked Cas on the Steam forum about it and he said it wasn’t intentional.

      Here’s hoping it gets fixed soon cause I want to try the same scenario with tanks and droids!

      Also, does anyone else find the editor abit laggy? I’m not sure if it’s just a problem on my end.

        1. Huh, that’s the browser I’m using. I guess I’ll try updating Java/Flash and see if that makes a difference.

  11. Cas says:

    December 3, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Well, whaddya know, out of disk space due to a bug on the server. Now fixed!

    Could you try this again, as I keep getting an error again, I accidently logged out and can’t log back in to test and work on my map …

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