Welcome Back to Basingstoke

Welcome back to Basingstoke. In fact you never left. There is no escape from Basingstoke.

Here’s the latest video, showcasing new features…

So what’s new in Basingstoke this month?


Gadget-wise there’s now the stungun and flashbangs, both of which allow you to temporarily stun the monsters and in the case of flashbangs, create a loud diversion. Adding a silencer to your scavenged pistol or SMG is a good idea as the Titans gidlets will react to the noise of gunfire. Wading in with a noisy shotgun may create more problems than it solves.

Also new are night vision and X-ray goggles… useful as the Titans react to the light of your torch, and you can only see so far without it… and in the case of X-ray goggles for example, checking there isn’t something nasty lurking on the other side of that door.

There’s also a whole range of distractions and traps that have been added but need models / icons / much tweaking, including the timebomb (c4, eggtimer, wire), remote c4 detonator, tasty smelling poisoned bait, a squeaky toy, proximity mines, fireworks, a boombox…


We’ve added a load of new scenery which we are planning to use to create various set pieces in the randomised maps. This last month we’ve added the Omni-mart (supermarket shelves, signage, looted food packets, trolleys, checkouts), riot police (riot van and skeletons), and British armed forces (challenger tank, landrover, light artillery, sandbags, barbed wire barricades, ammo boxes, field command and skeletons).


Activate to switch to first-person view. Very much work in progress, but pretty funky so far 🙂


We’ve got a basic crafting system in now, though it’s not quite ready to show off yet. Poisoned bait for example can be made using a mix of either nice cheese, cooked bacon, pizza slices or leftover kebab… and a bit of poison. Irresistible.

We’ll be expanding on the number of things you can craft in the coming months. If you were stuck in a monster-infested apocalyptic Basingstoke and to survive had to construct a cunning device or trap with only bits of string, discarded food, office equipment, household electronics and Gaffer tape… what would you build?

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  1. Set up food as a lure, tie desk above with the string, bad guy takes food and drops desk on his own head. 🙂

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