The Easter Bunny Visits Basingstoke

Hello watchers and lurkers! We don’t often do a blog post, so when we do, you can always be sure it’s going to be something interesting. This time, just in time for the Easter holidays, we have a little sneak peak at what’s been happening in Basingstoke since the Titans dropped a neutron bomb on it and killed everybody.

As you can see from the video things are coming along nicely. We might even finish it this year! Or at least release it.

The video shows a few new things in it which you’ve not seen before, like the gidlets, which are those cute little swarmy things; and zombies, which are what happens in Basingstoke after about 11pm whether there’s been a neutron bomb or not – an occupational hazard of living there; and there are some nice underground sections with sewers and metro station.

What do you mean Basingstoke doesn’t have an underground railway? This is the future, silly! Of course they’ll build an underground railway. And yes, kebabs will cost £10 in the future too. I know – scary.

9 thoughts on 'The Easter Bunny Visits Basingstoke'

  1. Hi this is nice but… When will be released Battledroid? Can we play beta or alpha please? I cant wait!

    1. Battledroid is a long way off! Though there is significant progress. I plan to put in another bunch of effort over the next couple of months and finish the World Screen off completely (much more work than it first appears, as it then requires all the resource data UIs to work, too…)

      Did you see the little vid of the current World screen?

  2. Is it out yet..? Aww. How about now? Seriously though, looking forward to this to complete my PuppyGames collection. Just love everything you guys do so get it out so I can play it! Is it out yet? 😛

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